Effectively Manage Code with Bitbucket

For teams utilizing Jira, experience coding and continuous integration/delivery tailored to your needs - Bitbucket Cloud offers premier Jira integration and embedded CI/CD as the default Git solution within Atlassian's Open DevOps framework.

Why Bitbucket Cloud?

Collaborate Across Teams

Work seamlessly among various teams by handling your Jira tasks directly within Bitbucket thanks to the integrated Jira interface. Plus, by simply mentioning your issue key in commit messages, your Jira task statuses are synced automatically.

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Ship Quality

Deliver superior code by utilizing extensive code review tools that assist in identifying and resolving errors prior to deployment. Effortlessly examine substantial code differences, access reports from external sources, and create Jira issues directly from the pull request interface.

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Deployment Automation

Activate automated workflows with the inherent CI/CD capabilities of Bitbucket Pipelines, crafting potent automation processes. Integrate Bitbucket Cloud with on-premise CI/CD solutions such as Bamboo or Jenkins for enhanced flexibility.

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Protect Your Codebase

Initiate automatic security assessments using the ready-to-use Snyk integration, or link up with alternative services.

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Enhanced IT Operations Collaboration

Streamline change approvals and accelerate incident resolution by linking incidents to deployments using Bitbucket in conjunction with Jira Service Management.

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Secure and Regulation-Ready Platform

Bitbucket Cloud adheres to SOC2/3, ISO, and GDPR standards, ensuring compliance. Features like 2FA and IP allowlisting restrict code access to authorized personnel only, while encryption safeguards your code during transfer and while stored.

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