Atlassian Consulting Services

Atlas Bench is your partner in maximizing the potential of Atlassian products. Our suite of consultancy services spans the entire Atlassian ecosystem, offering comprehensive guidance from the initial assessment of your requirements to tackling platform-specific challenges and hands-on implementation.
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Implementation with Impact

We believe that the real value of consulting lies in its tangible application. We focus on practical proofs of concept and crafting workflows that integrate seamlessly into your daily operations, ensuring that the enhancements we bring to your table are felt immediately and effectively.

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Pragmatic Solutions

Our consultancy goes beyond mere ideation—we're committed to the hands-on implementation of systemic solutions. We hold ourselves accountable for the practicability of our proposals, steering clear from recommending anything that won't work effortlessly within your existing systems.

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Tangible Results through KPI’s

We're driven by the power of metrics. An integral part of our process is to instill a culture of measurability in every process we refine. We're dedicated to delivering enhancements that not only fit your industry and specific use cases but also provide quantifiable improvements to your operational efficiency.

Thriving on New Advancements

Our enthusiasm knows no bounds when it comes to leveraging the latest Atlassian tools and features for the benefit of our clients. We relish the opportunity to dive into novel industries and use cases.

Tailored Guidance for Optimal Execution

Navigating the intricacies of Atlassian's suite requires an expert touch—this is where our specialized consultants come into play. We offer personalized and detailed advisory services on the entire range of Atlassian products, ensuring that your digital ecosystem is optimized for peak performance.

Comprehensive Atlassian Product Solutions

Interested in solutions like crafting a seamless onboarding workflow in Jira, establishing a collaborative Marketing Hub in Confluence, or setting up a streamlined commit process in Bitbucket to ensure code quality? We specialize in integrations to improve the way your teams work, here’s just a few of them:

  • Jira Software: Our approach transforms the way software teams plan, track, and release outstanding software.
  • Jira Service Management: We streamline the response process to rapidly meet customer and employee needs with exceptional service.
  • Jira Work Management: Enhancing collaboration and coordination across business teams is simplified with our methods.
  • Jira Align: We enable your enterprise to synchronize business strategy with execution, unlocking a new level of agility.
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Confluence: We turn Confluence into the ultimate collaborative workspace, where knowledge and teamwork converge seamlessly.

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Bitbucket: We centralize Bitbucket as the core of Atlassian Open DevOps by harmonizing it with Jira and embedded CI/CD.

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Trello: Our strategies empower teams with the visual collaboration tools necessary to boost project management.

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Bamboo: Our Bamboo delivery pipelines are designed to ensure consistent performance, dependable operations, and flexible growth.

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Opsgenie: Our system streamlines notifications, making sure that key individuals are informed quickly and effectively.

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