AI Enterprise Search with Await Cortex

Atlas Bench is transforming the landscape of enterprise knowledge management. With our advanced AI-driven platform, Await Cortex, we streamline the way your organization accesses and utilizes internal data. From enhancing knowledge bases with smart learning capabilities to integrating multifaceted data sources, we ensure that your enterprise's wealth of information is at your fingertips.

Atlassian Integration

Await Cortex harmonizes with Atlassian products to enhance your enterprise's operational efficiency. By weaving into the fabric of your existing Atlassian infrastructure, Await Cortex creates a centralized intelligence hub.

Confluence as a Knowledge Base

Transform your Confluence spaces into interactive knowledge bases. Query any topic and receive instant, relevant results, empowering your team with the information they need when they need it.

Jira Service Management Optimization

Utilize your Jira Service Management Knowledge Base to grant your support team instant access to information. This integration aids in providing rapid and informed responses to user queries, elevating the support experience.

Jira Project Reporting

Gain comprehensive insights into your Jira projects. Await Cortex provides extensive reporting capabilities, offering a snapshot of project statuses, issue summaries, and closed issues for better project oversight.

Bitbucket Code Intelligence

Merge the power of code management with enterprise search. With Await Cortex, your Bitbucket repository is a query away, allowing for advanced search within your codebase and related documentation.

Data Integration and Insight Extraction

Await Cortex brings a suite of advanced features that transcend traditional search functions, facilitating a smarter, more intuitive way to navigate and utilize your enterprise data.

Multi-Format Data Ingestion

Whether it’s PDFs, TXT files, DOCs, or PowerPoints, Await Cortex ingests and indexes various file types from your digital environment, ensuring comprehensive searchability.

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API and I-Frame Integration

Leverage IFrames or our out-of-the-box API, to integrate Await Cortex into a wide array of software environments, from Atlassian and Salesforce to NetSuite.

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Set usage boundaries and quotas for the scrapper and crawler.


Dictate who gets to use, create, update, or delete entries.


Tailor permissions based on existing parameters like your Active Directory.

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Highly Accurate Website Chatbots

Await Cortex chatbots utilize hard-to-find internal data to deliver swift and accurate responses to visitor queries, enhancing customer and employee interactions on your corporate website. All highly accurate and with no hallucinations because they’re trained on your business context and nothing more.

Empowering Your Search Experience

Atlas Bench is committed to providing an unmatched search experience that elevates your enterprise to new heights of efficiency and intelligence.

Streamlined Knowledge Transfer

Ensure a continuity of knowledge, even during employee turnover, with Await Cortex’s capability to capture and retain critical information.

Empowered Decisions with Data

Make informed strategic decisions powered by predictive analytics and comprehensive data analysis, drawing from the entirety of your documented knowledge.

Make Your Data Work for You

Await Cortex is not just a search engine; it's a partner that integrates, learns, and grows with your business. Connect with us to discover how Await Cortex can illuminate the path to innovation and efficiency for your enterprise.