Asset Management with Jira Service Management
Simplify IT Asset Management and Configuration Management with Jira Service Management's Powerful Assets Tool, Providing Critical Visibility and Control Over Your Infrastructure and Services to Maintain Accurate Inventory, Manage Relationships Between Configuration Items, and Ensure Compliance.

Create Object Schemas

We can assist with planning and designing optimal Assets object schemas tailored to your infrastructure and needs. We ensure proper models for your assets, CIs, contracts, vendors and more to provide the foundation for your configuration management database (CMDB).


Import Existing Data

If you have existing asset data in spreadsheets, databases, or other systems, we can migrate that data reliably into your Assets CMDB. Our experts will work to ensure data integrity and validity during the import process.


Configure Discovery

Discovery and automation is key to maintaining accuracy. We can implement automated discovery and scanning of your network assets using Assets Discovery by Atlassian. Configuring scheduled scans provides continuous synchronization of infrastructure changes into your CMDB.


Integrate with Jira

Connecting Assets to Jira Service Management is critical for service delivery. Our consultants can implement custom fields, rules, and other workflows to integrate your Assets asset and CI data into relevant Jira issues like incidents, requests, changes etc. This gives agents improved context for faster resolution.


Build Service Maps

Visualizing relationships between assets and CIs provides insights into dependencies and impact. We can build interactive service maps tailored for different users across your organization. This enhances understanding of your service architecture.


Define Update Workflows

Rules and workflows are needed to keep data current across systems. We will design processes and automations to maintain your Assets CMDB with up-to-date data from Jira, Discovery, and other sources. This ensures accuracy as your infrastructure evolves.


Ongoing Management

After the initial implementation, we provide ongoing management services to keep your asset and CI data optimized. This includes enhancements, upgrades, migrations, and user support as needed.


Understand your Assets


Gain complete visibility into your hardware, software, licenses, contracts, and all other IT assets. This enables optimized spend, license compliance, and security.


We give you clear understanding of relationships and dependencies between critical configuration items and infrastructure. This allows more informed change planning and risk assessment.


Continuous monitoring of your infrastructure changes provides alerts on assets going stale, unauthorized changes, and drift from desired configurations. We ensure you have eyes on your critical assets.

Proactive Asset Control

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Unified Service Model

Consolidating data from across tools into Assets provides a unified service model view for improved collaboration and understanding across IT teams and business units.

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Improved Service Delivery

The asset and CI context delivered through Assets integration into Jira Service Management issues enables much faster service request and incident resolution.

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Comprehensive asset tracking ensures you have license counts needed for software audits. We help avoid non-compliance penalties and risks.

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Optimized IT Spend

Gain clear visibility into IT asset utilization. This allows optimized spend based on actual need by identifying opportunities to harvest unused licenses and hardware.

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